We are Europe’s foremost PR agency specialized in entertainment software and related industries.

Established in 2005 in Munich, we’re proud to offer our clients the world’s leading Interactive Entertainment PR agency network, including carefully selected partners in the U.S. and Canada, France, the UK, Poland, Russia, Italy, Spain, Benelux, the Nordics, Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Turkey.

We offer all-round solutions, both for our home market in German-speaking territories as well as world-wide. Our clients regularly show their appreciation by choosing us to be their campaign’s lead agency.

Be it product or corporate PR, influencer management, event- or expo planning and support – our experienced team is here to help. Just contact us.

Dieter Marchsreiter


Dieter has been working in the gaming industry since 1989, in the beginning as a journalist and freelancer for Amiga Joker, PC Joker, Powerplay, Handelsblatt, Focus and Com!Online. 1997 he joined the dark side of communications as PR consultant, working internationally from the beginning of his career for clients such as Playstation and Microsoft Games/Xbox, as well as other developers and publishers from every continent. He founded his agency in 2005.

Special skill: Dieter does not only know gaming history starting from the 80s inside and out, he also knows every single sneaker collaboration
Achievement: He met Lara Croft in person and made mobile gaming a trend at trade fairs
Currently playing: Uncharted 4, Vigor, Fallout 76
Most wanted:
Metal Slug Tactics, Crimson Desert, Frostpunk 2 

Anja Ardal


Anja joined us in 2018 and is COO at Marchsreiter. Due to many years of professional experience in various industries – from documentary film to profession politics association – Anja has actually dealt with almost every end boss imaginable. As a Bavarian-Berlinese hybrid, she manages the company’s daily operations – sometimes with the style of a Prussian general, sometimes with a Bavarian laissez-faire attitude.

Special skill: She has been a Rap-Expert since 1987 and is therefore also in charge of Marchsreiter’s finances
Achievement: Personal Places-To-Be Bucket List almost completed
Currently playing: Any co-op games, actually also analog games
Most wanted:
C-3PO as a family member for the private household

Prof. Nikolay Borzov


Nick launched his career in 2007 at Akella, but has also already been working as Community Manager at EA and PlayStation PR Manager in Russia. Since 2012 he’s our man in Moscow and responsible for all Russian PR and Influencer campaigns.

Special skill: Nocturnal, to work with his clients in European and US time zones
Achievement: Traditionally never sleeps during Igromir
Currently playing: The Walking Dead, Dead Space
Most wanted:
Crimson Desert, Starfield

Aleksandra Ptasińska


Aleksandra has been a part of Marchsreiter since May 2012 and gained experience in the PR- and media sector in London and Krakow. As Senior Consultant she is the expert for complex mainstream campaigns. Aleks is especially passionate about Eastern Europe: In singleplayer mode, she constantly aims to convince more and more foreign developers and publishers to invest in the market. In turn, she is winning over Eastern European journalists to cover the clients’ games.

Special skill: Speaks languages no one else understands
Achievement: Eleven years in the business, seven years of gamescom, hundreds of releases, F2P, MOBA, VR, VPN, BA, DNA…done it all and ready for more!
Currently playing: Little Friends: Puppy Island
Most wanted:
Dune: Awakening, The First Descendant

Thomas Hübner


Thomas has been a gamer for over 30 years, the last 16 of them as part of the gaming industry, including work at EA, Microsoft and the German Games Trade Association. The Senior PR Consultant’s responsibilities include many MMOs, Triple-I-Games, all kinds of zombies and several conferences. Due to his love for Japanese culture, he’s also interested in all the odd niche titles from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Special skill: Sheldon Cooper-like brain and mastermind of useless knowledge
Achievement: Proud survivor of 12 games conventions/gamescoms and 7 Zombie titles
Currently playing: Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker, Pokemon GO, Final Fantasy XVI
Most wanted: Metal Slug Tactics, DokeV, Lies of Pi

Patrick Stude


Patrick decided against an exciting future in the cardboard industry to return to university and get a Masters degree in media and cultural studies. Looking to turn his most passionate hobby into a career, he started working at Marchsreiter, where he took on his own accounts early on, and was promoted to Team Lead after less than 1 ½ years.

Special skill: Genre omnivore – Patrick plays almost everything, from CRPG to COD, from strategy to sports Achievement: Covered around 20 km during the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 in Berlin to take care of almost 100 journalists. Who said eSports wasn’t physically demanding?!
Currently playing: Diablo 4, Final Fantasy XVI
Most wanted:
Crimson Desert, DokeV, Bloomtown, WH40k: Rogue Trader, The Alters, Dune: Awakening

Katharina Popp


Kathi started working at Marchsreiter in 2018 and has levelelled up to PR consultant since then. With her MA in Japanese Studies, It’s no surpise that she has a heart for Japanese games, but she also loves Western RPGs. She ensures that all tasks are being taken care of efficiently and coordinates PR campaigns worldwide. She also enjoys writing press releases and is always on the look-out for a witty phrase.

Special skill: Press release proofreading marathons
Achievment: Four days of presenting games at Tokyo Game show with minimum sleep and and maximum coffee/blood ratio
Currently playing: Harmony: The Fall of Reverie, Final Fantasy XVI
Most wanted:
 Dragon Age 4, GreedFall 2, Warhammer 40k: Rogue Trader, The Thaumaturge, Hades 2

Sebastian Arlt

Bartosz Królikowski


Bartosz started his games industry career in early high school as a junior editor and content creator for various Polish gaming websites. Thanks to his hard work, in the last 10 years he had an opportunity to co-lead gaming-related marketing projects for the biggest gaming and non-gaming brands in the market such as Epic Games, Playway, EA Poland, Phillips OneBlade, Wedel, and many more. Bartosz joined the Marchsreiter team in May 2021.

Special skill: Playing CSGO although he hates it
Achievement: He bought RTX 3080 at a normal price almost on release
Currently playing: Undawn, WWE 2k23, AEW Fight Forever, Diablo IV
Most wanted: Star Wars Outlaws, Throne & Liberty, The Day Before

Sebastian Arlt

Sebastian Arlt


Sebastian has boarded the MS Marchsreiter as a Trainee in early 2021. Since his childhood days he has been fascinated by everything involving pixels and polygons, which drove his parents mad on a regular basis. During his university-years he combined his passion for videogames with his love for punishing himself and wrote his Bachelor-thesis on the subject of motives, forms and functions of environmental storytelling in Dark Souls. Despite not causing him any pain, he very much enjoys working in PR nonetheless.

Special skill: Universal excitement
Achievement: (Almost) 100%-platinum‘d the abysmal PS3-version of Skyrim (still awesome though!)
Currently playing: Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak
Most wanted:
 Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, Rise of the Ronin, did I mention Jedi Survivor?

Sebastian Arlt

Jenny Gelbing


Jenny started into the world of PR as a trainee in April 2021. Her first experience was gained in business journalism and with funk, but she quickly left these exciting fields behind. During the study of mass media communications and public law, she immersed herself deeper into the world of video games and has since tried her hand at multiple different genres.

Special skill: Always open for new things
Achievement: Has traversed the entire map in AC Odyssey
Currently playing: Genshin Impact, Lost Judgement
Most wanted:
DokeV, The Alters, Persona 3 Reload, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Sebastian Arlt

Jakub Szymczak


Jakub started working in the gaming industry as a junior brand manager for the Polish indie developer The Dust S.A. and also worked as a product owner in the development team of a subsidiary of the studio. He came to Marchsreiter in the middle of 2022, to help the Polish and EEU team. Not only does he like playing games but also finds much pleasure in watching how the industry evolves.

Special skill: Falling into the rabbit hole of random social dilemmas, also able to raise kittens and baby birds from day one
Achievement: Played Cyberpunk 2077 on the PS4 on release day without shedding a single tear
Currently playing: Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, Inkulinati, Dead Space Remake
Most wanted:
Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

Sebastian Arlt

Franziska Haß


Franziska started into the world of PR in March 2023 as a trainee at Marchsreiter after her Bachelor’s degree in media design and production. She has been passionate about video games for as long as she can remember. In terms of genre she is not specified, neither gaming-wise nor regarding her interests, and enjoys challenges that combine different disciplines.

Special skill: Creates worlds with paper and pen
Achievement: A painting she made can be found on a wall in Witch It
Currently playing: Witch It, Sea of Thieves, Fall Guys, Tin Hearts
Most wanted:
Trine 5, GreedFall 2, Hollow Knight: Silksong


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