Pro Helvetia brings Swiss games to gamescom 2021 with Marchsreiter

Jul 10, 2021 | Gaming

The Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia will be represented at gamescom again this year with Swiss Games. 18 new games from Swiss developers will be exhibited this time. Marchsreiter Communications supports Swiss Games in preparing for the fair and brings the spearhead of Swiss game development closer to the press representatives.

The SwissGames at Gamescom 2021 trailer presents the complete Swiss games lineup:

Among the 18 titles are highlights such as The Wandering Village by Stray Fawn Studio, recently unveiled at Microsoft’s ID@Xbox presentation, the dark fantasy RPG Return to Nangrim, the alien survival game Wild Planet by Lukyantsev Company, and the magical garden adventure Grimoire Groves by Stardust.

The digital gamescom 2021 is free for all visitors. Anyone interested can get a virtual impression of all 18 Swiss titles for themselves.

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